Rear weal drive differentials


BMW M3 (type 188)


Volvo 1031


Ford Atlas






Mitsubishi RWD historic  Porsche 911

Front wheel drive differential








Apart from the differential offered for the SD90 gearbox, which is our own design, based on development work we did in 1995 - 1999, we offer the Tractive differentials for many other brands. The Tractive diff has proved to offer winning performance. This is top class performance at a reasonable price!

We produce clutch pack differentials with 3 internally toothed friction discs per side. The diff features floating ramp plates for immediate response without the need for preload. The ramp plates always have two sets of ramps, for example 30/65 or 40/65 degrees for drive and overrun respectively.

The internally toothed discs are molybdenum-coated and the external discs are nitrided for increased longevity. The bevel gear dimensions are dimensioned to give long life and smooth operation. For long lifetime on ramps and gears, four planetary gears are used, running on high strength crossed shafts.