RDT175 RWD sequential shift gearbox


Lightweight and slim housing design


Excellent life time

High quality compact cast aluminum housing. Thanks to a narrow housing design, no modification of the tunnel is required for most cars.



Same proven gear technology and 17 mm gear width as in the RD90 gearboxes. Lower cost thanks to simplified housing and a direct fifth gear, with no drop gears.



Simple maintenance


Smooth gear change helps to drive faster

Layout allows for complete gear set to be removed in just a few minutes without special tooling.


  The gear selection mechanism is consistent, reliable and very smooth. Thanks to the smooth gear change mechanism, wear on dog rings is exceptionally low.

Easy installation of gear lever



The selector barrel and its index mechanism is positioned centrally over the gear kit, hence simplifying installation of the gear lever in both LHD and RHD cars.    


The Tractive RDT175 Concept


The Tractive RDT175 combines proven technology from the RD90 gearboxes with a slimmer and simplified housing design. A premium quality gearboxes with top class performance and functionality and low weight to a very competitive price.


The RDT175 has a direct fifth gear and no drop gears. This will save cost and weight compared to a drop gear koncept. The axel ratio must be altered to suit the top speed requirement.


Easy adaptation to BMW, Ford, Opel and Volvo cars.


Introduced in 2015, the RDT175 already has a track record of total reliablitiy. Numerous rig tests and race condition tests have been carried out.


Tractive stands for proven technology and reliability. 





The young Swedish talent, Pontus Lönnström has run a RDT175
in his Volvo 240 for a season with results among the top five
in all races. 




Clutch shafts 

Output flange options

Car model Splines Min - Max length  Bolt pattern
Volvo M45 type 22 168 - 206 mm 4 bolt 79 mm PCD (Volvo M45 type)
BMW 10 162.5 - 189.5 mm  3 bolt 96 mm PCD (Hardy disc)
Ford 23, 1" 176 - 211 mm 4 bolt M10 x 1.0 (Ford Atlas

An innovative concept makes it easy to adjust the length 
of the clutch shaft to different car models.



Bell housing bolt patterns



Housing 1 Housing 2   Wide range of speeds available. 
Volvo M45 Ford type 9      
Opel CIH engine BMW M3 S14      
Opel ZF        
BMW M3 S14        




Technical Data RDT175

Number of speeds: 5 forwards,
1 reverse
Gear positions: R-0-1-2-3-4-5  
Recommended max engine torque: 400 Nm
Weight: 24 kg  
Housing design:
High quality compact cast aluminum housing. Thanks to a narrow housing design, no modification of the 
tunnel is required for most cars. 
Clutch release mechanism: Not integrated with the gearbox. Usually fitted in the standard bellhousing.
Clutch rings (dogrings): 90 mm O.D. with radiused corners for long lifge and good durability.
Cockpit Gear Lever:

Tractive sequential shift gear lever with return springs.

Gear Lever and Gearbox connection: Through 8 mm stanless steel rods, either direct or over a bell crank on the prop-shaft tunnel.
Reverse gear engagement: With clutch ring shared with 1:st gear. Note! No sliding gears, no chips or swarf in the gearbox.
Gear wheel width: 17 mm for all gears.

Wide range of speeds available.

Bearings: Standard type SKF cylindrical roller bearings for input and output shafts. Ball bearings for selector drums.
Bearings in clutch gears: Cage type needle roller bearings.

1 L 

Wet sump. A GL5 spec. transmission oil.

Tractive recommends SAE 90 gear oil, available from Tractive in 1 L bottles.



RD drawing outside dimensions



Workshop manual