RD90 RWD sequential shift gearboxes


Very light and rigid Casing


Excellent life time and low maintenance

Casing from a billet of air craft quality aluminium combines minimum weight with superior mechanical, dimensional and thermal stability.  

High quality precision ground gears gives excellent life time of gearbox with minimum maintenance.



Simple maintenance


Smooth gear change helps to drive faster

Layout allows for complete gear set to be removed in just a few minutes.   The gear selection mechanism is consistent, reliable and very smooth. Thanks to the smooth gear change mechanism, wear on dog rings is exceptionally low.

The Tractive Modular Concept


Easy adaptions to a wide range of cars

The modular concept of the Tractive sequential gearboxes is successfully being used since 1995.


It makes is possible to offer premium quality gearboxes with top class performance and functionality to a competitive price.



The Tractive Modular Concept allows for very easy adaptation of the RD90 gearbox to a wide range of Rear Wheel Drive cars, from MKII Escorts with some 220 Nm to powerful V8’s with 900 Nm of torque.


Adapt the RD90 to virtually any engine/car combination without need for new patterns or extensive redesign.



Andreas Boström, Rally Cross Champion: 

“I've driven with a Tractive RD906 gearbox and the Tractive differential fo rmany years and in over 11.000 km I've only replaced two gears and quite a lot of oil, that's it! Not even a dogring. The car is a BMW E46 with S54 motor, 3,3L and 433hp. 

I am super satisfied with the low running costs and the reliability of the transmission!”





Clutch shafts


Front plates/Bell housing bolt patterns

Separate clutch shaft drives the input shaft via a splined coupling. Different lenghts and spline configurations are possible. 



Wide range of front plates with different bolt patterns, plus universal bolt pattern available. 





Output flange options


Ratios and Drop gears

GKN CV joint 94 mm PCD
Ford Atlas
BMW 3 bolt 110 mm PCD
Volvo M45 4 bolt 79mm PCD
Toyota Supra
Volvo / BMW 3 bolt 96mm PCD
BMW 3 bolt 105mm PCD


Other PCD may be available upon request.




Wide range of speeds available. 


The RD90 gearboxes have a drop gear arrangement to compensate for various rear axle ratios, or to fine tune the top speed and acceleration characteristics. Two gears situated behind a cover at the rear of the gearbox are easily replaced to alter the overall ratio of the gearbox.




Technical Data


  RD905 RD906
Number of speeds: 5 forwards,
1 reverse
6 forwards,
1 reverse
Gear positions: R-0-1-2-3-4-5 R-0-1-2-3-4-5-6
Recommended max engine torque: 700 Nm 600 Nm
Weight:  30 kg  35 kg
Lubrication 1.2 L 1.3 L

Wet sump. GL5 spec. transmission oil.

Tractive recommends SAE 90 gear oil, available from Tractive in 1 L bottles. 

Clutch release mechanism: Not integrated with the gearbox. Usually fitted in the standard bellhousing.
Clutch rings (dogrings): Tractive standard with 90 mm O.D. with radiused corners for long lifge and good durability.

Cockpit Gear Lever:


Tractive sequential shift gear lever with return springs. Two lengths available. 
Gear Lever and gearbox connection: Through 8 mm stanless steel rods, either direct or over a bell crank on the prop-shaft tunnel.
Reverse gear engagement: With clutch ring shared with 1:st gear. Note! No sliding gears, no chips or swarf in the gearbox.
Reverse gear release mechanism: A separate lever on the gear lever must be operated to release engagement of reverse gear.
Gear wheel width: 17 mm for all gears.
Ratios: See Ratio charts
Drop Gears: 13 different drop gears are currently in production.
Bearings: Standard type SKF cylindrical roller bearings for input and output shafts. Ball bearings for selector drums.
Bearings in clutch gears: INA cage type needle roller bearings.
Surface treatment of casing: All parts making up the casing are anodized in black colour.






RD drawing



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