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Rear wheel drive


Rear wheel drive


Front wheel drive


The Tractive concept

The modular concept of the Tractive sequential gearboxes is being used since 1995. It allows us to use the same or very similar parts for both rear- and front wheel drive transmissions. Differently shaped casings can be produced using the same or similar fixturing, independently of the car make. This means we can produce a top quality gearbox to a good price. 

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Due to its modular design, the Tractive gearboxes can be adapted to virtually any engine / car combination without need for new patterns or extensive re-design.  


Tractive – the company

Tractive motorsport transmissions represents front technology in the field of development and manufacture of sequentially shifted gear boxes for rally and racing cars.
In house manufacturing enables control over quality and standards.

Bas Leinders
Team Gillet Vertigo
Henri de Fries 
Rally Team Brouwer
  2000m2 building 90% of all parts are produced in house.




Tractive videos


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Pentruder concrete cutting equipment by Tractive

Another of Tractives specialised product ranges are heavy duty concrete cutting equipment. Modern technology in combination with new concepts offers the users low weight machines with very high efficiency and profitability.

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Transmission oil



Purchase the recommended Tractive gear oil SAE 90 directly from Tractive in Sweden or from Pentruder UK in Great Britain. 

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Phil Collins, a consistent top runner in the British Championship, is happy with his RD906 6-speed gearbox.

“I had a Motorsport business and ran Opels Fords and Toyotas, but the Tractive Transmission is the most impressive piece of engineering I have encountered”.

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